10 Reasons Why Small Boobs Rock

You may be thinking, what the hell? Those of us with itty bitties long for larger breasts, but what we don’t know is that those who are well endowed in that sense want the opposite. As the saying goes, we always want what we can’t have. But ladies, rejoice for your assets or lack there of, and read on for ten reasons why small boobs are the bomb! And there are plenty of kinky lingerie and elegant lingerie pieces for you! And if you are in doubt, consider wearing a body harness or even a body chain lingerie

Firstly, they are never in the way! A large chest can often make it uncomfortable to sleep face down, although otherwise it is so nice. With a smaller bust you always have the option to sleep on your stomach without that feeling, and on another note it makes yoga an easy task too! Those poses don’t phase us in the slightest!

We don’t have to worry about the sag. To the rest of the female world, gravity is your chests worst enemy, but not for us small chested gals! No sag here, not even a little. Bonus!

You will never have the issue of losing eye contact from a potential partner or even friend with lack of cleavage smacking them in the face. There is nothing in the chestal area to take their gaze from your stunning face mid-conversation.

Your lingerie choices are endless. You don’t have to worry about ample support so basically the lingerie world is your oyster. You can opt for any bra you desire, or maybe even none at all! Going natural won’t cause unwanted lines or shape, plus you don’t have to worry about sag, yet again.

You will look younger due to your perkiness, even in later years. Compared to your large breasted friends, you will have less sagginess on the chest, making you look younger, if only your body.

There is not as much strain on your back. You don’t have the extra weight to hold up and for that reason you have one less physical stress to hinder you through everyday life.

Now, onto the clothing. A deep V-neck is not everyones friend, but it is for you! A large chest can cause ample cleavage which can leave us feeling over-sexualised. But this is avoided with a smaller chest, meaning you have more choice in your wardrobe, no matter the occasion.

In fact, every top is one for you. Button ups won’t pop open under the strain of a wide chest. Low cut tops don’t show a dangerous amount of cleavage and teeny tiny bikinis will be much less likely to flash your fellow beach goers.

Exercise. As we mentioned before with yoga, most exercise will not end with you causing unwanted stress to your chest and you will be less saggy in later life no matter how active you are.

Last but certainly not least, you can run naked. You’re welcome ladies.

So, there you have it! Ten reasons why having small boobs is better than you think. Next time you are feeling down about your given bust, turn that frown around by thinking of all the bonuses a small chest can have in the long run, or even in your daily life.

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