A Sexy Night In

I lay on the bed, ready and waiting for him to arrive. Jason and I had been dating for many years and I felt as if the romance was slowly dying out between us. But I had a plan. A plan that would get us back on track sexually, back to where we were when we first got together.

In the first few months of our relationship we could not get enough of each other. Every night we spent cuddled up in each others arms and getting it on over and over until we fell asleep completely spent. But now the times had changed. Work and our lives had gotten in the way and we barely had the time and when we did we were too exhausted to make the most of it. Tonight though I was determined to make love to my amazing boyfriend and I had my mind set on turning him on to such a high degree that he could not help himself.

He always enjoyed seeing me in a new erotic lingerie outfit. But, as the romance dwindled, I had gotten lazy and not bought any in such a long time. That week I had decided it was time to add a new number to my repertoire so I visited the local lingerie store for some inspiration.

When I arrived there was a stunning kinky lingerie outfit in the window that caught my eye instantly. I knew that this was the one. Especially when I added a body harness to it or mixed it with some body chain lingerie. This was the thing to pull us out of our sexual slump. I knew that I had to have it, now was only the matter of trying and buying.

It was an outrageous number that was bright red and overtly stunning. A red, lace corset sat upon the mannequin’s bodice and a matching pair of red panties graced it’s lower half. I knew that this was the outfit that would get his blood pumping and have him in bed with me in no time at all, no matter how tried he was. I did not yet know how right I was.

As I looked myself up and down in the store mirror I knew that this was the one. The corset sat flush against my body, hugging my ample chest and showing off my petite waist as well. The panties, which were also lace and of a boy-leg cut, were just as perfect. I quickly changed and eagerly paid the counter staff and was out the door with my sexy outfit in tow.

I dressed myself in the comfort of our bedroom and perfected my make up to look extra sexy for Jason when he finally arrived. As I lay there I watched the time tick past slowly until I finally heard his car roll into the garage.

My heart raced as I waited for him in my position. As he swung open the door the reaction I was hoping for was plastered all over his face.

“Just… wow.” He exclaimed. I smiled seductively, but he did not need an invitation. Not when I was waiting for him looking like this.

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