An Office Fling

I had always had a crush on Aaron. He was smooth and handsome and ever since he had joined our team at the office all the girls had been drooling over him. To our surprise he always kept his emotions hidden, no hint of affection or interest in any of us, that is until now.

I had basically run out of my usual work underwear and was in desperate need of doing a wash. I figured that some sexy lingerie I reserved only for dates would suffice if only for one, after all, who would see it? I picked up the most conservative of them all, which was not very conservative in the slightest.

It was a red thong, lace with a matching bodice that I decided to use in place of a bra. It was not an outfit I would usually wear to the office but I really had not much choice unless I was willing to wear none at all, which was a whole lot more risky.

The day started as normal, I worked at the desk and it wasn’t until I got up to replace the paper in my personal printer that anyone noticed my unusual attire and that person was none other than the office hunk, Aaron.

I bent over to grab the ream and was met with a deep, booming voice echoing behind me.

“Thats a nice view,” I turned around to see Aaron staring up my skirt as my ass was pointed toward him. I blushed profusely and stood up in a hurry.

“Uh, thanks,” I muttered. But when I went to walk away he stopped me. He stood right before me and gently grabbed my arm.

“I didn’t mean to offend you.” he assured me. To be honest, I was not offended, but rather a little embarrassed.

“It’s alright,” I told him trying to brush it off, but he would not let me.

“I would love to see more of what you’re hiding under there,” the notion sent a shiver down my spine and filled my stomach with butterflies. Had my lingerie really coaxed hi to ask me out? I would find out soon enough.

“Maybe you can sometime,” I teased him. All of a sudden we were oblivious to the rest of our coworkers, bustling around us, it seemed as if we were the only two in the crowded room.

“How about dinner tonight, after work?” he questioned. It could not come at a better time, I was dressed for a night out beneath my work clothing. I knew it was sexy enough, he had told me himself. What could possibly go wrong?

“Sure, I’ll meet you after we finish.” I agreed. He winked at me and allowed me to continue my daily tasks. Now they all seemed so menial.

“So, how did it happen?” Paula asked when I told her about my date. I laughed awkwardly, I did not know what to say. I had to thank my sexy lingerie and short skirt for what could be the best date of my life.

The next time I plan to see him, I will be wearing a body harness that wraps around my breasts or maybe body chain lingerie which will certainly be a mix of elegance and sexy!

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