Bra Styles Breakdown

There are so many bra styles these days that we can sometimes find it overwhelming walking into a lingerie store, especially if it is a kinky lingerie store with options that vary from Elegant to Erotic and Wild Lingerie, to body harnesses and sexy body chains, to choose our next item to add to our collections. I too find it quite a challenge to find my best fit and for that reason I will be sharing some of the ups and downs of several popular styles of bra to help you with your choices.

One of the most broad categories of bra is the unlined bra. This includes the demi, underwire, bralette and balconette bras. The general idea of this style is that they reduce bulkiness by foregoing extra padding and when well made they offer great support without the extra weight of a push up bra or similar.

This makes the unlined bras a comfortable everyday bra for your wardrobe, they are also lightweight and show off your natural form. They are a great alternative for lightweight, flowing clothing and much less bulky if that suits the look you are trying to achieve.

A demi bra is one which has cups that cover just half of the bust. They are cut considerably lower than many other bras and are not lower in the centre like a plunge bra. They provide considerable support and give the appearance of a push up bra without the extra bulk.

The balconette gives the impression of a pin-up style, covering a lot more of the bust with wider set straps. It is a luxurious and feminine style bra which is ideal for many outfits. Although not as low as a demi bra, the balconette has a shorter cup length which means it stays hidden in most clothing. The cups are seamed giving not only an uplifted shape but also much support for your bust. They are often decorated with more embellishments such as frills and embroidery, so they do fit perfectly with a feminine look.

The push up bra is one that most of us are familiar with. There is padding on the bottom and sides in order to push up the bust for a fuller look. It also creates the illusion of ample cleavage which looks great with low cut tops. Some bras in this style an even give the illusion of adding two cup sizes to your breasts. They lack subtly but create an amazing look.

As mentioned before, plunge bras are for use with low cut, V-neck tops and dresses as they can not be seen, as opposed to any other bra style. They often have padding that creates cleavage similar to a push up bra but with a lower cup.

Longline bras provide more coverage and in turn also additional support. They are a vintage style bra that has certainly come back into the spotlight in recent years. They are usually made from a stretchier and more flexible material with softer underwires for a comfortable fit.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what to look for in a bra for any occasion. With the plethora of styles out there we can minimise confusion by knowing what style would be best suited to not only our figures but also our outfit!

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