Change Those Knickers!

All of us have been guilty of wearing panties that should really already be in the wash. Whether it is the day after the night before or out camping, there are so many reasons women may choose to rewear a pair but the following is a range of reasons why we should be carrying a change of panties in our bags at all times. Here are several reasons why we need to change our underwear more often than not! Changing your panties everyday should be a necessity, not a luxury for all of us.

The first reason is rashes! If you do not change them at least once a day you may find that your undercarriage breaks out in a rash. Especially for those of us who are prone to skin conditions, this is one of the most important issues that we need to avoid by that panty change and one you should watch out for if you don’t abide by the golden rule, change that underwear everyday! The reason for this is that moisture gets trapped in our underwear, especially those that are not cotton or cotton blends, which are more breathable. The moisture can lead to a rash, which at the very least is uncomfortable.

Secondly, and more obviously, the smell! Yes, the vagina is self-cleaning but only the vaginal canal. The rest needs to be cleaned thoroughly every day in order to avoid that tell tale smell of an unwashed area between your legs. Make sure you wash and change your knicker to reduce the change of odours.

The moisture associated with not changing your underwear, or not drying, your undercarriage will lead to yeast infections. These can be at the very least uncomfortable and depending on how bad it gets, you may need to seek medication or medicated cream to fix it up! The easiest way to avoid taking that embarrassing trip to the doctors is to change and dry thoroughly every day!

Chafing can occur in the vaginal area, just like when your thighs rub on a hot day. Again, moisture plays a part in causing chafe and can be avoided by changing underwear as the moisture is removed and washing also plays an important part in keeping the moisture at bay.

Now for the gross part, not changing those panties can cause a UTI. Traces of faecal matter can be left in dirty underwear and the bacteria can grow to become a urinary tract infection. If left too long untreated, this too can lead to a trip to the doctors.

Sometimes it is just better not to wear anything and just wear a sexy body harness or some body chain lingerie!

Finally, and possibly the worst effect of not changing your panties is the worsening of public lice and scabies. Not changing your panties does not directly lead to crabs, but they do enjoy the moist and warm environment that dirty panties provide. So, change your panties daily ladies, in order to avoid all of these all too common issues that our lady parts face when we neglect to take proper care of them! Until next time!

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