Panties That We All Have

There are those pairs of underwear that we wear daily and those that we save for special occasions, but what are the unique pieces that we all own? Here we have a list of panties that every woman has stashed away in our lingerie drawer, whether we like to admit it or not. So, lets take a look at the panties that make or break us on those certain days where we need something out of the ordinary to show off our fun and sexy side, whether it be date worthy or for some other reason.

Firstly, we have the third date panties. They may have already seen inside your pants once before, but these panties will definitely knock their socks off on a whole new level! The third date panties are a style that makes you feel sexy and will have you wanting to show off what you are hiding beneath. All of us have them, and they may not only come out on the third date but they are essential in any woman’s lingerie draw.

Work out underwear. This goes without saying, they are not flashy, they are not sexy, but they are totally functional. The work out underwear in comfortable and provides breathability while we are sweating it out, usually in bikini, boy leg or hipster styles.

Our special pair basically goes without saying. They are intricate and not entirely comfortable. The unusual panty line is difficult to hide under most outfits, so they are obvious in so many ways. The special occasion panties are reserved for certain times, when we are totally ready to party and let loose!

Period panties are another usual pair all of us have but no one wants to talk about. The period panties are usually dark coloured and a little daggy, so we don’t feel so bad if we have some leakage or get them a little messy. At that time of the month you will also want something comfortable, we go through enough as it is at this point.

The novelty pair of panties, those with the odd print or slogan is that one pair we have, but their reasoning I not entirely known to us. Go figure.

Those that are way too complicated. These are usually strappy and look awesome, in the store. But once we get them home it seems that they are impossible to wear and when we do finally figure them out they are likely very uncomfortable and not as sexy as we thought.

The last resort panties, they are not attractive, in fact they are not even something you would usually wear, but when everything else is in the wash you have to have something left and they are the last thing sitting right at the bottom of your underwear draw.

Lastly, but certainly not least, those comfy boy shorts. They can be sexy, but the primary function of these is comfort. Enough said.

So there you have it. The list of those panties we all own but never talk about, well most of the time.

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